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I have 20 years of knowledge and experience. I have also owned my own wedding venue in Gretna.
I know all the wedding professionals!
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Step 1. Choose a wedding venue
You want my venue list?
Step 2. Minister or Registrar
You want my Minister contacts and Registrar Information?

Step 3. Marriage Notice Forms & Legal Requirements
Click HERE You want the link?

Step 4. Accommodation & Wedding Reception
Do you need somewhere to stay and have food and drinks? 
You want my information?

Step 5. Transport
Do you need transport from  your accommodation to your chosen venue and then back to your accommodation?
You want my contact list?

Step 6. Hair & Beauty
Do you need your a hair and make-up service?
You can visit a Salon or have them visit you at your accommodation room.
You want my information?

Step 7. Photography
Do you need someone to take photographs?
You want my information on the best photographers?

Step 8. Videographer
Do you need someone to film your wedding day?
You want my information?

Step 9. Flowers & Bouquets
Do you need a bouquet, button holes, reception venue flowers?
You want my information on the best florists?

Step 10. Scottish Piper
Do you need a Scottish Piper for Music?
I know them all. You want my information?

Step 11. Wedding Cake
Do you need a wedding cake?
I know the best cake maker! You want my information?

Step 12. Chair Covers/Room Decor
Do you need your wedding venue or reception venue decorated?
You want my information?

Very Important Stress Free Step:
Click Here: You want a link for a stress free wedding?

I'm here to help you if you need me....


Jackie x