My name is Heath Hampson 
Born in Sheffield, moved to Gretna Green, Scotland in 1980.

Here are a few paragraphs to let you know who I am, how I started my wedding business, my experience and knowledge of the wedding industry, what is here now, what is coming in the future and how you can join me and the other wedding businesses to grow your business and be part of a large wedding community...

Go back to 1998, no internet! The first web addresses I saw on TV were and (Mars Bars).
I knew the internet was going to change the world. I also knew that the wedding industry in Gretna Green was going to change. Couples all over the UK would get information on a computer screen rather than wait for the Gretna Green wedding brochure coming through the letter box.

I got myself a website and listed all the wedding businesses in the wedding brochure and charged them £10 per month.
I also helped all the businesses get websites and domain names etc and showed them what the internet was all about!

My partner Jackie and I started helping couples plan their wedding in Gretna Green by helping them book a wedding venue in Gretna Green, book a Minister to perform the wedding ceremony and helped them with the legal requirements.
The couples would then choose the services they required from the website. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, photographers, car hire, hair and beauty, cakes, videographers, etc, everything they needed.

We had a small walk in cupboard at the top of the stairs in our council house with a wardrobe on its side we used as a desk! We then moved to a small office in Gretna, a bigger office and then got our own wedding venue in 2003, we bought the local Roman Catholic Church and renamed it Anvil Hall after the 'Anvil Priests' who used to marry the couples 250 years ago!

Over the years I have spent thousands of pounds on marketing and advertising, Google ads, Facebook ads, back in 2001 I went to London where I spent £10,000! on search engine optimisation for my website. Waste of money, or was it a lesson learned? I have also spent lots of money online with the likes of Confetti, Hitched, Guides for Brides and other 'Wedding Websites' with no great results.

Here we are in 2019, we all have Facebook pages for our businesses? some businesses have 500 likes, some 50,000 likes, it doesn't matter anymore, Facebook are asking all businesses to pay to advertise, no free posts, so it doesn't matter how many likes you have from customers and friends.
Google don't let you promote your business for free, neither are Facebook.
I don't want to go into too much detail about the future but I know what's coming and its exciting...

I have realised over the years that its better to be part of a group or network rather than being on your own in business. A group who all have the same goals, who are passionate about what they do and who are all helping each other.

I'm now inviting a select number of wedding businesses to join me and the other businesses on the next chapter of our journey.
All I ask is you join me, stick with me, and lets grow together. 
I want you to get to know me and trust me.
I have a lot of contacts in Business, Football, TV and Radio. They know of my vision, they will be helping us in the future. 

I have written a book about my life, its for my three sons, Sam, Ben and Joe and new granddaughter Isla, and for future generations. Its called Aisle Be A Success. Take look at type in Heath Hampson.
Don't buy it, I will send you one!

If you are interested in joining me and joining the other wedding businesses you will receive daily posts on Facebook, free video ads, we will also show you how to create your own and upload them to YouTube.
You will receive an exclusive listing in your area on The UK Wedding Centre website.

We have also created 80 Local Facebook Groups, take a look, why Hair & Beauty? Ladies in every town and city of the UK love Hair and Beauty! 80 Local Wedding Facebook Groups

Please take a look at the links below:

One Hair & Beauty
One Wedding Cars
One Photographer
One Bridal Shop
One Florist
One Wedding Cake

At the end of February we will start our first Facebook ad campaign for the UK Wedding Centre to engaged couples all over the UK including your area! All the money paid by the wedding businesses will go towards Facebook advertising.

The fee to join The UK Wedding Centre is only £15 per month to pay for our Facebook ad campaigns.
It's either you or one of your competitors.
This is just the beginning of something bigger in the future, don't miss out.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To our success.


Text Only: 07525182770