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Jackie Hampson ''Remember, you don't need a wedding package. 
Book direct, save money, get to know your wedding professionals''

So you have contacted all your wedding suppliers.
You should have all their contact details.
Write them all down on two sheets of paper.
Keep one copy with you at all times, in your handbag, coat pocket etc.
Keep the other copy next to you in your bedroom, drawer, cupboard etc.
You will wake up at night and start thinking about your wedding plans,
Then you start over thinking, that's when you start worrying and getting stressed.
Take out your sheet of paper, go through your list, if you think you need to contact one of your suppliers again, contact them the next morning, phone, text or email.
Contact your suppliers if you start to worry, they will put your mind at rest. 
It's all about COMMUNICATION!
Stay in contact with them all and you will be fine.
Big Tip: Connect with them on Facebook and become friends.
Contact me anytime by text if you need me.
I'm here to help.